People lost their shit over this, but it's no different then the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari. We figured that out and just dropped all the Ferraris off of it, which is the same thing we'll do here. » 4/16/14 11:48am Today 11:48am

You are missing the amount of energy Mazda engineers expend trying to make the Miata a truly tactile experience, with proper feedback instead of being a fast, lifeless lump. We cling to the Miata because it is a driver focused vehicle from a driver focused company – a company that understands the slow car fast mantra.… » 4/09/14 5:37pm 4/09/14 5:37pm

Porsh fanboys. They correct your pronunciation, cry when a non-911 is introduced and in general go on and on about their very own (or just as likely, their dream) dentist mobile. » 4/09/14 4:50pm 4/09/14 4:50pm

The way I read it I assumed that by adding craftspeople back into the system they hope to add something, i.e. the creativity that robots can't reproduce. By taking humans out of the manufacturing process, except in the most mindless ways, perhaps we've lost something. » 4/09/14 10:15am 4/09/14 10:15am

I love cartoons, because of the freedom they allow. With CGI it can seem like we have the same freedom with live action films, but I think animation still has a significant edge. Because we know the characters on the screen are just representatives of people Homer looks nothing like a person) we can stretch and move… » 4/09/14 1:07pm 4/09/14 1:07pm

I like the last question. You get a lot of people who say of movies like Transformers, 'It was fun'. So for the first two questions you get: the movie was trying to be a mindless blockbuster; it did it well(ish?) – both of which are positive-ish. But on the second one: was another mindless blockbuster that doesn't try… » 4/08/14 3:47pm 4/08/14 3:47pm

Does anyone else get a slight Art Deco vibe from this? The way the car slopes back from the high, blunt nose and the green house pushed towards the back make me think Art Deco. » 4/08/14 12:31pm 4/08/14 12:31pm

I bought and daily drive an '83 RX-7, with the crash protection of a can of sardines and snap oversteer readily available. Would not trade it for an Equinox. » 4/08/14 12:12pm 4/08/14 12:12pm

Except they don't like boost so much. Other things to like about them: compact, revs to the moon, is better at taking a variety of fuels, are simple. » 4/07/14 7:18pm 4/07/14 7:18pm

Why do you think dolls are asinine? They're tools of imagination just like any other child's toy. I'm not a fan of pushing dolls on little girls, but neither do I think it's a somehow lesser toy. And I'll chirp in with another little girl, my cousin's, who went the traditional girly toy route while hr little brother… » 4/05/14 12:30am 4/05/14 12:30am

Currently reading Never Let Me Go, of which I have two opinions: A) The writing is amazing and Ishiguro nails the nostalgic, meandering style of the narrator; B) All of that said I find myself feeling more or less ambivalent about the whole novel, though I'm not sure why. » 4/02/14 3:42pm 4/02/14 3:42pm

Can't we get icon on this? 99% of people who have ever lived will not be able to afford it, but at least we'll know that someone out there somewhere, who wears drawers sewn of $50 bills, is driving it, which would be something of a salve. » 4/02/14 12:23pm 4/02/14 12:23pm